Terms of use for the service that allows you to get a discount on goods in PAVO DUTY FREE stores

 PE 'Pavo Group', which is the owner of the website www.pavo.ua, the purpose of which is to familiarize users with the range of products of the Pavo Duty Free chain of stores located at international airports in Lviv, Kharkiv, Borispol (Zod), . Zaporizhzhia.

The site serves as a product demonstration, and the 'Pre-order' service is not a purchase and sale transaction, which is concluded directly on the territory of Pavo Duty Free stores.

To activate the 'Pre-order' service, you must:
- Make an order no later than 12 hours before departure;
- Select the necessary goods on the website www.pavo.ua
(When choosing goods, indicate the correct airport / city of departure, since this information is important for online confirmation of the balances of your chosen position)
- The products you have selected will be waiting in the Pavo Duty Free store

Duty Free is a type of retail trade that is located in the customs control zone and, in turn, is exempt from certain types of taxes. The goods presented in the Pavo Group Duty Free store chain are 100% original and come directly from manufacturers, suppliers and official distributors. The image and description of the product on the site may differ slightly from the original, however, it fully complies with market standards.

By clicking the ORDER button, on the page of the product you have chosen, on the website www.pavo.ua, you can get a discount 'up to 10% *' on some product groups, namely: imported alcohol, perfumery and cosmetics, food products, accessories.

* - For detailed information about the percentage of discounts for a specific position, you can ask the sales assistant;
- The discount does not apply to alcohol of national production;
- The discount is not cumulative with other promotional offers that exist at the time of purchase.

It should also be noted that the price of the product you have selected may change on the day of departure and the price that will be indicated at the time of purchase and payment of the product directly in one of the Pavo Duty Free stores will be valid. This also applies to the availability of goods at the time of ordering and at the time of paying for it in the store, since ordering goods through our service is not endowed with a booking function.

Also, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, alcoholic beverages are not dispensed to persons under the age of 21, and tobacco products - to persons under the age of 18.

Important! Pre-order should be made no later than 12 hours before the departure time, this will enable the staff to prepare your order in advance.

Thanks for attention.