LEGO 1426 Heartlake City Park Cafe

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Meet your friends at a cafe in Heartlake City Park. Sit down at the table and wait for Miyu.
And here she is! Mia arrived on a skateboard, and with her - Hazel the squirrel. Stephanie walks up to the table. She is ready to take an order and advises you to order the signature dish of the cafe - waffles in the shape of a heart. Want to help Stephanie prepare a meal? Whisk in the smoothie. Mix the dough and then bake the waffles in the waffle iron. The best place to eat in the whole park!
The set includes two mini-dolls, a squirrel figurine, a kitchen with a waffle iron,
Blender and lots of coffee shop accessories to help kids immerse themselves in fun games
And will contribute to the development of storytelling skills.

20.00 EUR
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