Crew Shop

Dear guests!

  • We are honored to invite you to our store and use the CREW SHOP service.
  • What is CREW SHOP?
  • The most convenient service for the crew of aircraft arriving from around the world.
  • Just one call and in a few minutes you will receive a transfer that will quickly arrive you at the store.
    No need to wait. By the time you arrive at the store, your order will be already collected.
  • If you have not yet decided on a shopping list, our staff will provide you with professional advice and
    help you choose the product.
  • The diverse range of CREW SHOP includes alcoholic beverages, tobacco, sweets, cosmetics, perfumes
    of the most famous brands and much more.
  • Why CREW SHOP?
  • - fast and convenient service
  • - we work 24/7
  • - permanent transfer
  • - a wide range of goods
  • - discount for crew members -10% (from the retail price) for the entire range
  • - possibility of pre-order
  • Use the CREW SHOP service. It is convenient and profitable!
  • We are waiting for your call: +38 066 350 68 07

Select a product -

  • *    The minimum order in CREW SHOP is 60 EUR
  • * *  Mandatory condition when ordering the service - the availability of General Declaration