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Les Georgettes (Les Georgettes) - trendy accessories.

Les Georgettes - trendy adaptive accessories.
The secret of each product of the French brand Les Georgettes is an individual approach of the designer and faultless handwork.
The variety of patterns and the choice of leather inserts for bracelets - impresses with its diversity. The leather insert is a duo of two colors. Turn the strap over or remove it completely to match the bracelet to your dress or handbag.
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The more attentive already know, and others will now be told that the summer of 2019 was marked by the emergence in the range of products of Ukrainian stores PAVO Duty Free unique coffee from the American brand STARBUCKS®.

The Starbucks® Chilled Classics and Doubleshot® line is made from the same coffee beans as in coffee shops.

So, more ...

- STARBUCKS® Caffe Latte 0.22l At the heart of this beverage is a rich and full-bodied Starbucks espresso. This is blended with just the right amount of milk for a deliciously bold moment, inspired by the drinks enjoyed by so many of our customers in coffeehouses.

- STARBUCKS® Capuccino 0.22l With less milk than Latte, Cappuccino offers a more strongly espresso taste and a luxurious texture.

- STARBUCKS® Caramel Macchiato 0.22l Made with Starbucks® Espresso Roast, our chilled Caramel Macchiato is an indulgent blend of bold espresso, creamy milk and buttery, sweet caramel flavor.

- STARBUCKS® Skinny Latte 0.22l A chilled blend of Starbucks espresso and lactose free milk without any added sugar.

- STARBUCKS® Doubleshot® 0.2l To kickstart your day, enjoy Starbucks Doubleshot® Espresso - a delicious blend of Starbucks® Fairtrade certified Espresso Roast and milk. There is also a non-sugar dairy product (containing natural sugar) in a tin can.

Starbucks is the world's leading coffee retailer and leader in the industrial roasting of coffee beans, as well as an internationally renowned coffee chain brand with more than 24,000 establishments worldwide. The company was founded in 1971 in Seattle, USA (Seattle, Washington, United States).

Discover new flavors in your Duty Free PAVO:

Lviv D. Halytskyi International Airport - 2nd floor;

Kharkiv International Airport - 2nd floor;

Zaporozhye International Airport - 2nd floor;

Boryspil International Airport (Hall of Official Delegations) - 2nd floor;

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The unique coffee STARBUCKS in Ukraine.


PAVO Group is pleased to announce the replenishment of the range with TM STARBUCKS products.

PAVO Duty-free stores present «the heritage of Starbucks coffee brewing» for all the travelers who flying from the international airports:

Boryspil (Hall of the official delegations),




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