KrimArt ZERO white brut 0,7L

LOGO_ARTWINERY_gold_black.jpgKrimart Zero brut sparkling wine 750 ml is an elite, spring-like fresh wine of light straw color. An elegant, well-developed bouquet with light hints of flowering acacia and white fruits continues in a long aftertaste. For this sparkling wine, Artwinery winemakers have created a blend that is ideal in its content, which includes wine materials from the Sevastopol zone of Crimea, Pinot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Aligote. Aged in a bottle in Bakhmut gypsum adits at a depth of over 72 meters for at least 3 years. The wine will make a great company with caviar, fish and meat dishes and fruits. Ideal as an aperitif. Zero (zero) is the designation of a sparkling wine of the Brut brand, in which no sugar is added

9.00 EUR
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