Airports: Kharkiv, Lviv, Zaporozhye, Borispol (hod)

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Rada Classic 0,7л
12.00 EUR
WWF Cockatoo 24 cm
29.00 EUR
WWF Husky 23 cm
27.00 EUR
WWF Koala 22 cm
29.00 EUR
WWF Snow Owl 22 cm
25.00 EUR


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    30.07.2019 The more attentive already know, and others will now be told that the summer of 2019 was marked by the emergence in the range of products of Ukrainian stores PAVO Duty Free unique coffee f

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PAVO Group

PE PAVO Group was founded in 1990. Since its establishment, the Company is very fast expanded its
activities from organization air travel to the development of a tourist destination and creating in 1997 a
Chain of Duty Free stores.
Currently PAVO Group is the largest Chain of Duty Free stores in Ukraine, located on the territory of the
international airports:
Boryspil (Hall of official delegations)

PAVO ожерелье



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